Tips on Choosing Cabover Engine Trucks

The Cabover Engine Light and medium duty truck are almost an ubiquitous truck model all over the globe and they are gaining increasing popularity as the trucking business expands to meet the global demand. The name cabover is due to the fact the passenger cabin of these trucks is built on top of the engine compartment of these trucks.

For companies that need a versatile truck for the fleet operations in diverse business applications, the cabover truck is always an ideal choice. It can be used in various areas such as the urban deliveries, lawn maintenance applications, pest control applications and many other diverse applications.

The truck is built with a signature flat nose as well as wide windshield which makes it safer and easily maneuverable in many urban applications. These construction features will make it an ideal choice for carrying out deliveries as well as maneuvering in very tight residential and urban environments.

Many buyers may face a dilemma of choosing between a cabover (COE) and the conventional engine trucks. It is important to understand how these two trucks compare in the market so that you can make choices in the market with a greater sense of certainty. If you will be purchasing the COE trucks, you must make sure that you really need them.

These are generally required for specific applications. So there are certain design features that the fleet managers will need to look at. Here are some important tips to look at when you are planning to invest in this light and medium duty truck:

Ease of maneuverability

The biggest reason on why you should choose medium duty cabover trucks or medium duty flatbed trucks is that you will be looking for greater ease of maneuverability in your truck choices. These are the kinds of trucks that you will be using in the more populated urban areas and the cabover will be highly well suited and beneficial in such applications due to the limited spaces.

The visibility of the truck is also an important consideration which is always an advantage in the conventional trucks. When shopping for a light and medium duty truck that is more suited in these environments where you need a high degree of maneuverability, it will therefore be important to make some tradeoffs.

Look at the horsepower torque ranges

When you are shopping for the conventional trucks, you have a great range of torque ranges to choose from that will precisely suit your requirements. Today the light and medium duty trucks with the cabover designs also offer you variable torque ranges. So not only do you get a compact truck that is easily maneuverable, there is also greater leeway to have one that is uniquely customized for your towing needs with the right specifications for the torque.

Area of application

This is also key consideration here. Although we typically expect to use the cabover trucks in narrower suburban and city roads, there is greater variation in where these can be used. Sometimes, you may want to use these in the long-haul over-the-road applications in which case you will have to shop for the best medium duty truck that is the right fit.

The Fuel economy

The fuel economy of the truck is an important consideration. In certain smaller classes of the cabover trucks, you can always look forward to better fuel economy over the conventional trucks. As the trucks get larger, whether cabover or conventional, the difference in engine displacement becomes more minimal and you therefore have to look at other advantages and considerations that have been discussed above.

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